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Written by: Luanga A. Nuwame
Cover: Luanga A. Nuwame
Edited By: Randall Wickham
Format: Soft cover paperback / ebook
Pages: 108
ISBN-10: 0988014483 (paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-0988014480 (paperback)
Welcome to this new series dedicated to transforming ordinary household cardboard into incredible, fun, useful and practical products for your personal use. This guide will showcase original creative concepts and will provide detailed step-by-step instructions on how to make the featured designs on YOUR terms.

Cardboard is the greatest building material available to all people based on the simple fact that it is predominantly free, overtly abundant and pliable enough to be fashioned into practically anything your imagination can devise! Instead of being discarded, cardboard can be upcycled into pleasant and pragmatic home accessories for the entire family to use and enjoy. The Cardboard Bible is your guide to reusing and renewing your scrap cardboard collection into numerous innovative items perfect for everyday use!

The boundaries of creative expression are ripped open with each never-before-showcased idea featured within this 108-page full color guide. The crafts included in The Cardboard Bible are: 1) a cardboard transforming sword perfect for costumes and make-believe, 2) a simple to make cardboard ab roller device, 3) a multi-functional living room C-Table with book cubby, 4) an efficient and mind-blowing cardboard treadmill for your fitness needs and 5) a table top Foosball table for ardent Soccer/Football fans.

Author, inventor and You Tube host Luanga Nuwame (The Homemade Game Guru) applies his love of cardboard innovation and his 7 years of award winning crafting experience into useful concepts. This first edition is the just the beginning of a series meant to provide people with homemade creative options for these environmentally conscious times. Let the upcycling adventure begin!
Written by: Toakpin Bluntpuff III
Cover: George Leon
Edited By: Randall Wickham
Format: Soft cover paperback / ebook
Pages: 102
ISBN-10: 1484092929 (paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-1484092927 (paperback)
Smoking a 'J' with Jesus is meant to be both humorous and enlightening with a dash of teenaged immaturity and vulgarity in its exploration of religious dogma. New unheard-of biblical revelations are expressed through a simple story based on the confusion of a young foul-mouthed teenaged boy lost in a park. The teenage protagonist finds himself in a lush park setting inhabited by faceless drone-like people and religious figures who take advantage of the faceless hoard. Upon seeing the abuse and questioning his belief in a higher power, the confused teen is confronted by Jesus. Jesus helps him understand the untold secrets of creation and God by way of a jaunt throughout history.

Utilizing a special strain of marijuana called Quadruple-H (Holy Hosanna Heavenly Herb blessed by Buddha’s flatulence), Jesus reveals debatable, logical, and yet downright controversial ideas about the life and extinction of the dinosaurs, the fallacy of Satan, the dichotomy between free will and God’s will, the true power of human greed, animal souls, the harsh reality of dying on the cross, proof of aliens, the normality of the Pope, the concept of heaven and the greatest mystery of all – why God no longer interferes in the lives of people as he once did in Old Testament texts.

The notion of the Messiah smoking a giant blunt of pot might offend many readers, but the author believes that if the words stated in the book are read with an open mind, the educational chronic smoke sessions between the teen and Jesus can come across as informative and congenial.

Smoking a 'J' with Jesus is about asking uncomfortable questions in order to create a stronger bridge towards God – even if that bridge is lined with weed and bizarre theories to make you ask questions you were afraid to ask!
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